5 Steps to a Winning Resume

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To succeed in a volatile job market requires you to have a winning resume that demonstrates your value to employers. This is extremely vital in a job market where unemployment is on the rise and competition is fierce. Thus, it is important to have a resume that over delivers and positions you to out beat your competitors. To possess a flawless resume, which is not only well written, but well planned and organized on paper, is definitely your recipe for success.

Apart from dazzling them with your cover letter, (which is paramount in securing you an interview) your resume must beam intelligence; showing enthusiasm for your industry while giving them a lot of sound references. In a nutshell, you need to give them what they want in an honest and transparent way.

So don’t send off your resume before you have read these all important tips:

Resume Tip #1: If at all possible let a professional resume writer prepare your resume. The writer must take time to get to know you, what you have done, and what you are capable of. The writer needs to gauge your personality, so he/she can interpret this onto your new resume. Please ensure that they are certified and can actually write a resume. You should review samples of their work.

Resume Tip #2: You want to make sure you have all the keywords and triggers in your resume to summarize your skills, achievements, and background. Here, you want to avoid generic keywords such as communications and use Team Collaboration or Interpersonal Communication Skills instead. Put together a core competencies and experience section using these keywords that support what you are targeting.

Resume Tip #3: Organize your resume using the appropriate format (Chronological, Combination, or Functional) based on your job target, background, and career goals. This will put your skills in logical, easy-to-read format and will draw the interviewer’s attention to relevant points and key terms.

Resume Tip #4: Include a detailed intro statement in your resume. Here, you want to sell your value. Don’t let them figure it out for you. Write three or four fairly short, concise sentences that highlight precisely what your aims are in applying for the job.

Resume Tip #5: Summarize your skills and accomplishments in a concise way using bullets, italics, etc to grab and keep the reader’s attention. Refrain from using lavish fonts or crazy graphics. Also, don’t make your resume longer than 1-2 pages. Remember, the sole purpose of a resume is get employers intrigued enough to want to learn more about you. Don’t overdo it with nonessential information that doesn’t support your target.