5 Tips on How to Impress Your Boss


We have all heard the jokes about colleagues attempting to “brown nose” or “kiss up” to their supervisors in an attempt to gain recognition. While it is never suggested to be insincere or fake, these aforementioned colleagues may be on the right track when it comes to their career path. Team members that like to stay under the radar; may do just that. When it is time for commendations, promotions, and even raises, it is strategically intelligent to be in the forefront of your supervisors mind. The following 5 tips are a few proven methods to ensure that your boss notices you and for all the right reasons.

Be positive and enthusiastic. Supervisors are less likely to want to work with the Henny Penny of the group that is constantly running around yelling, “The sky is falling!” All places of business encounter challenges and rough patches. It is during these times that you can impress your boss by being the only one that is extremely positive about the situation, identifying the challenge, and finally offering solutions.

Be highly ethical and professional at all times. While it is not suggested to act like a robot, it is important to remember that personal business or opinions have no place at work. Being too familiar or comfortable with your supervisor or peers can only lead to unprofessional behavior. Whether it be an office romance or having a few too many drinks with colleagues after work, it is important to keep a safe distance. Don’t discount all networking opportunities, but sure that you remain focused on why you are there. In addition, ensure that you keep all actions and speech ethical by not joking about being dishonest or stealing from the company.

Be progressive with your ideas. Don’t constantly re-invent the wheel each time you are faced with a project or challenge. Ask your supervisor’s advice about what they did when faced with a similar challenge. Present it as more of a mentoring opportunity for them and not that you are just looking for the answers. In addition, do some research about what other companies or industries are doing for similar projects. Most of this can be found online or through local networking chapters. Resist sticking to traditional methods for everything and you may discover a new way to deliver the product or services that may have a huge impact and be beneficial for the organization.

Be proactive with your position or organization. Review methods, services, or products to ensure that it is lucrative and beneficial to the organization. If your team members are consistently complaining about how a certain process hinders their performance, devise a new way to do it better and present it to your boss before implementation. Doing extra without being asked is always a sure fire way to present yourself in a positive light.

Be dependable, on time, and maintain a good attendance record. You can only do a fantastic job if you are consistently there and on time.