5 Tips on Writing IT Resumes

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When it comes to writing a good IT resume, all you need is a well organized, professional looking resume that speaks to your technical IT competencies and value. You will also need to have an understanding of how the resume needs to be written. Below, we are going to give you 5 tips on writing IT resumes…

Resume Tip #1 – The headings or titles you use should match the jobs you would like. The employer you apply for will be receiving hundreds of other resumes, so you will need to put something in the resume’s heading that will capture the employer’s attention within a seven second glance. Here, use IT certification icons and descriptive IT job target titles that match job descriptions.

Resume Tip #2 � Use a Resume Design That Grabs Attention. When glancing at resumes, employers will be making quick judgments. If they see a job title or skills that are not related to the job being offered, then they may make a quick assumption that you are not qualified. Employers do not have time to read through each and every person’s job descriptions in order to determine if they have the skills that they are searching for.

Resume Tip #3 – Prepare Content that Sells. The design of the resume should capture the attention of the employer, but it is the content in your resume that really captures attention.

Resume Tip #4 – Use Power Words. Would you like to expand and elevate your image? If so, then using numbers in order to describe your responsibilities and achievements is a great route to take. Using numbers will create great images in the mind when they are read, whereas the general statements that are not numbered could be easy to skip over and forget. If you can be specific when you are describing those duties, then that is even better.

Resume Tip #5 – The Image You Create Should Match the Salary You Are Asking. As you are writing your resume, you need to keep the level of job and salary into consideration. The image you create should present you at the right level for the job. As an example, the language you use in a job that is offering six dollars an hour will be different than the language you would use in a job that is offering eighteen dollars an hour.

As a brief rundown, pay attention to the headings of your resume, the design you use for the resume, the content inside and how you elevate your image. Those are 5 tips on writing IT resumes that will get you headed in the right direction. When you have completed the resume, you should read it over a couple of times. After this, ask a family member or friend to read the resume for you and give their honest opinion on it. As an ending note, there are many types of programs out there that can help you write resumes…