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How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job

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Well the honeymoon is over. Whether it has been 20 years or 2 months, many psychological experts and spiritual advisors will say that you actually know when you should quit your job. There are many reasons that you should pack up the proverbial brown cardboard box and move along, but if you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should quit, take the following indicators into consideration. Continue reading

How to Handle Employment Terminations


While most people will experience at least one employment termination in their lifetime for various reasons, it is never a welcomed or pleasant experience. First one must determine the difference between a layoff and a termination. A layoff is a reduction in workforce that the employer participates in so that they can retain a certain function of business. A termination is a single event in which one or more persons at a company are released from their employment for various reasons such as insubordination, stealing, or lack of performance. In addition, there are involuntary terminations in which a person does not have choice and must leave the company and voluntary terminations in which a person voluntarily resigns. All of these definitions are important to someone that has been terminated so that they can determine which course of action to take that is appropriate for the situation. Continue reading

5 Things That You Can Do To Protect Your Job


Gone are the days when Bob Smith woke up each morning, drank his coffee, read his newspaper and then arrived to work around 9:00am. Like most of his colleagues faced with rising unemployment numbers and mounting layoff projections, Bob Smith is now waking up at 5:30am, doing an hour of telecommuting via his laptop, grabbing a breakfast cereal bar and arriving to work at 8:00am to get a jump start on the day. While some organizations still respect and recognize the benefits in the cultivation of Life/Work balance, many companies are treading water with their noses barely above water and need all hands on deck. Shedding dead weight in the form of unproductive or uncooperative workers is at the top of many executive’s list. The following suggestions are the top five methods to implement to protect your job in this time of uncertainty. Continue reading

5 Tips to Conduct an Employment Performance Evaluation

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An employment evaluation should be a one-stop snapshot of all of the accomplishments and challenges faced by each team member and performed by the employer on an annual basis. It is used as a measurement of success, examination of challenges, and as a motivational tool. It offers opportunities for monitoring progress, a review of performance objectives, and allows the employer to set clear and achievable expectations and goals. Continue reading

How to Succeed in a Management Role

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Congratulations, you received a promotion to Manager with all of the perks of respect, extra money, and potential for further advancement. However, you also have more responsibility and accountability while working longer hours. So what steps can you take to balance the new stresses and pressures that come along with a management career? Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to managing your new job role. Continue reading

Are Work-At-Home Opportunities Right For Me?

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Gone are the days of absolutely having to step out your front door if you want to have a career or earn a substantial salary. Many large corporations are allowing and even encouraging employees to telecommute to assist with astronomical costs associated with running a business and the ever challenging life/work balance that many employees face today. In addition, there are an unfathomable amount of Work-At-Home companies now utilizing the fact that most American households contain a computer and internet access. By conducting research and being initially cautious, you too can share the dream of working from home in your PJ’s. Continue reading

Developing Your Career Strategy

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Most people begin their careers with certain expectations in mind. You may see yourself in a corner office some day or on the front lines of the sales force. You may feel that you are cut out for a leadership position or one that offers innovation and advancement to the creative side of the company. You may want to hold an executive staff position or be in charge of a large profit area. Whatever your dreams and expectations, they are more likely to come to fruition if you have a plan of action. Continue reading

Steps to Advancing Your Career

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Some people are intimidated by the competitive atmosphere in an organization offering promotions. Some job seekers may feel that their youth or older age will block them from taking on a management role or performing as a key contributor. Other job seekers are concerned they do not have the skills to compete with other employers at their firm. Continue reading