Career Self-Assessment Tool

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Assessing your career is not always an easy process. However, during the course of a job search, it is imperative to be able to realistically look at yourself and identify your skills and strong points. This is vital in preparing your resume as well as exuding the confidence necessary to land a great job.

Instead of first trying to name your qualities and positive attributes, you should begin by making a list of some of the things you have accomplished in your lifetime. It may be difficult to say, “I am intelligent and persistent.” However, it is considerably easier to list activities you have completed that may have been difficult. This list may include furthering your education, special projects you succeeded in, or any other accomplishments you have achieved.

Once you have this list, you can then go through it and add what personal qualities it took to complete each achievement. Perhaps it took incredible patience to raise three children, or the ability to lead to complete a group project at work. Whatever the case, go through and evaluate each item on your list.

Now you have a list of your positive qualities and traits. Once you begin to see yourself as having these qualities, it will be easier to expand on your personal skills.

Once you have your qualifications on paper, you may want to ask a trusted friend or family member for their input. While the point is self- assessment, contributions from those around you will aid in the process. They may be able to make suggestions you have forgotten or overlooked, or may be able to expound on what you already have. On the other hand, they may be able to bring a sense of reality if your perception is not accurate.

Often, the most difficult aspect of self-assessment is that your perception is skewed. While many people have a hard time seeing themselves in a positive light, others have the opposite problem and see themselves as more than they are. As you go through this process, you may try evaluating your accomplishments as though they were someone else’s.

There are certain accomplishments that are obvious to include, such as degrees you have attained or additional training you have had. However, you should also try to consider the less obvious achievements in your evaluation. Once you have your resume in place, compare it to the particular position you are applying for and consider rephrasing it to correlate with the job specifications.

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