Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Cover letters are extremely important in the job search process, and if done correctly, can significantly improve your odds in competing and winning job interviews and offers. However, many job applicants hurt their job search efforts by using ineffective cover letters that fail to align their skills and attributes with employer requirements and repeat information that is in their resume.

There are three main groups of professionals that will review your resume for potential positions and each has a different agenda. For example, HR managers are searching for job candidates who’s qualifications align with the job description; Business decision-makers are seeking candidates who will make bottom-line impacts, and Recruiters are searching for job candidates with skills and attributes that align with employers’ needs.

By understanding who reviews your resume and their agenda will help you in crafting a cover letter that specifically targets and attracts the attention of those individuals hiring.

Next, you want avoid duplicating what is already in your existing resume. Employers want to read new relevant information related to your skills. Here, you should carefully develop the correct verbiage, ensuring your skills are expressed in the best light. You can get more cover letter tips at and

A poorly written cover letter may result in your resume not being read and a missed opportunity. However, a well-constructed cover letter will encourage potential employers to review your resume. Therefore, it is extremely important to give the cover letter the attention it deserves. If your resume and cover letter is not securing you interviews, then consider hiring a professional resume writer to assist.