Dangers in Using Generic Resumes

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It may seem easier to get a generic resume online and simply fill in your information. But there are dangers in using generic resumes that you need to consider. First, generic resumes are unappealing and boring and will not make you stand out among the crowd even if you have a cover letter that is unique and creates interest.

There are numerous resume formats that can position you for success, but the key is picking the right format that is unique and demonstrates your attributes to employers while deemphasizing your weaknesses. For instance, having a resume with a work history that goes past 12-15 years or focusing on those skills that are nonessential to the job role should be avoided. Also having a resume full of fancy fonts or colors will not make your resume any more different either.

You can also create multiple formats and versions of your resume tailored to each position. Here, you can meet the exact needs of each employer based on the job you are targeting. Changing key words and elaborating on certain points will make your resume stand out.

Also, by making your work history, education, training, and achievements more descriptive, you are in essence creating a unique, attention-grabbing resume. However, make sure your message is clear and concise. This is especially true if employers are sifting through many resumes. If your resume is too long or generic, your resume will be tossed in the trash.

Generic is just that, generic and not enough to persuade a person that your qualified enough for the position. People who look at your resume will be more impressed by a resume that stands out, not one that looks exactly the same as others. Personalize your resume and win the interview.