Guidelines For Sending Thank You Letters

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It is expected that you send a thank you letter after an interview. Your thank you letter needs to grab attention and make you stand out while highlighting your skills and attributes to employers.

It is standard job search protocol to send both thank you and follow up letters. Failing to follow these protocols will more than likely eliminate you from the pool of applicants, undoing all the hard work and effort it took to get there.

You can use thank you letters to further sell and reinforce your unique skills and attributes as it relates to the job role. Also, you can target your letter more effectively based on the information you gathered from the interview. This information can help set you apart by allowing you to personally connect with the employer and give you the opportunity to relate specific points in the letter that were discussed in the interview.

It is important for your thank you letter to be sent within 48 hours of the interview. Remember, employers get many thank you letters, thus it is vital to get this done as soon as you can. Leaving it longer than week, you more than likely won’t be considered.

In addition, you should call your interviewer within a week of sending the letter. This can give you an opportunity to ask if your letter was received, discuss areas that may still be unclear, and inquire as to the progress of your application.

Even if you make the decision that you don’t want the position, you should still send a thank you letter. This gives you an opportunity to network and ensure you have a chance at future opportunities. In summary, thank you letters are a must and highly important in helping you get results. Check out some thank you letter samples at