How to Succeed at a Phone Interview

phone interview

In today’s volatile job market, phone interviews have become the norm to weed out those applicants that are not qualified. Employers use it as a tool to prescreen job seekers before requesting a face-to-face interview. Your success at the phone interview depends on you following various strategies outlined below.

First, you must have your resume in front of you during a phone interview. Here, you should have a copy of your resume near each telephone in your home in case an employer calls you unexpectedly. This will give you easy access to all of your employment information and references, making you appear organized to employers and focused.

Next, you must show excitement at the interview, letting the potential employer know that you are the right fit and best qualified person for the position. You want to focus on resolving any objections the employer may have about your background and consistently communicate that you are a quick learner and highly capable individual.

Also, by slowing down your speech can improve the clarity of your communications. Often linked with nervousness, our rate of speech can increase as our nerves become tenser during an interview. The benefit of a phone interview is that you do not have to be in front of a superior or interviewer. Use this to your advantage. Take your time when answering questions to demonstrate how competent you can be as a potential employee.

Finally, you must be strong-minded and determined enough to tell the employer that you WANT the job and face-to-face interview. You also should tell the employer that you have the skills, desire, and will to move the company forward.