How to Use Your Resume in the Job Interview

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Knowing how to use your resume in the interview might make the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. Below are some relevant tips to help you maximize the use of your resume in the interview.

You want to make sure your resume does not exceed one page. You do not want the person interviewing you to have to keep turning the page to read about your education and back to the first page to read about your employment history. Make sure you bring extra copies of your resume to the interview. There might be more people at the interview than previously announced. Or the person interviewing you might want you to meet someone else in his or her department. So you want to make sure you have a copy of your resume for that person.

And make sure you have a copy of your resume for yourself. You want to read from it and refer the person interviewing it to his or her copy of your resume. You do not want to be leaning over his or her shoulder pointing items out in your resume. Keep your resume on top of your note book. You should have a note book with you during the interview. Here you will have a list of questions you want to ask and you want to have paper handy in case you need to take notes. Keep your copy of your resume on top of your note book rather than holding in your hand and then laying it on the desk and then picking it up when you need to refer to it.

If you are speaking about something that is on your resume refer to it as you mention it. If you are describing your duties during your last job, you can say something like, “as I wrote in my resume under my employment history at ABC finance company, I was responsible for…”

How to use your resume in the interview will depend on how you use it in preparing for the interview. Have someone practice with you. It is called role playing when you have someone play the person interviewing you so you can be ready for the real thing. Remember this and you will increase your chances of being hired.