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5 Interview Myths

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Many hiring managers and Human Resources professionals can tell horror stories about inappropriate behavior and actions that they have seen during interviews in their career. Incidents range from someone speaking too casually during the interview to huge deal breakers like someone showing up with their bedroom slippers on and accompanied by at least 7 of their family members. While most of us are aware of appropriate interview etiquette, there are a few myths that many job seekers overlook. Continue reading

4 Questions to Ask the Job Interviewer

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Your list of questions that you should ask a job interviewer must be limited, as the interviewer has most likely scheduled a certain amount of time for each interview. In addition, being too aggressive and asking too many questions may make the interviewer feel like they are part of an interrogation rather than a relaxing open discussion regarding some key points of the company’s history or culture. The following are 4 key questions to engage the interviewer and present yourself as a candidate that has the initiative and drive to bring forth valuable skills to the organization. Continue reading

How to Handle Second Interviews

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Today, employers may conduct numerous interviews to collect information about job applicants versus doing only one interview. Performing many interviews has its advantages to employers, but can be tense to the job seeker. Employers may call you back for a second interview to clarify questions they may have and to see if you were as impressive as when they first met you. They may also want you to meet with their colleagues, peers, and supervisors to get a better assessment of you. Finally, they might be looking at a small list of candidates that they are trying to narrow down. Whatever the reason, there are several tips you can follow to ensure your second interview is a success. Continue reading

Answering Questions Regarding Weaknesses

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We always want to show our best during a job interview. However, there is always the question that addresses your weaknesses. Many people try and turn this question around and show what they are really good at. Others try to claim that they have no weaknesses. Are these the right ways to address this timeless interview question though? Answering questions regarding weaknesses takes some analysis skills and the quickness to find an answer that not only satisfies the interviewer, but also opens the opportunity to demonstrate what you can bring to the table to the company you are interviewing with. Continue reading

Proven Interview Strategies

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In order to progress even further than other people applying for a similar job, you might want to consider some of these proven interview strategies. Even though you might have many certifications and degrees that make you highly qualified for a job, performing poorly in a job interview can be costly. Someone who shows their character and work ethic much more impressively than you is more likely to be called back for a second interview. Seek out advice and tips on the internet that can help you prepare yourself for your next interview. Key resources include: Here are some key interview strategies that you should know and use. Continue reading