Mastering the Online Job Search

internet job search

The internet has dramatically changed the way job seekers search for employment today. In years past, those applying for jobs had to spend long hours looking for positions with few resources. However, today, the relationship between employers and job seekers has been closely intertwined via the internet, making job searches extremely broader and easier to do. If you are going to be successful online, then you need to have an understanding how employers use the internet to find job candidates.

Tips for Mastering the Online Job Search

  • To compete, you need not just a MS Word document, but also PDF, ASCII (Plain Text), and HTML (web-based) versions of your resume. Here, you want to submit your resume via the format requested by the employer.
  • Develop an achievement-oriented resume with a tailored job title and strong career summary with high-targeted keywords located throughout the document.
  • Be careful of using wording displayed as SPAM such as Business Opportunities, Free, Congratulations, etc.
  • Look at job boards and sites specific to your industry and career field as well as recruiters specialized in your field. This will provide you a more targeted approach geared toward meeting your career goals.
  • You should leverage various online networks such as,, to build and expand your base of potential job contacts. For example, there are many networking sites on the web where you can create a profile and instantly connect yourself with others in a related field. Many times, employers meet potential employees this way, leading to further discussions about a job and hopefully an interview.
  • Finally, you should weigh whether or not to mass distribute your resume across the web. With limited ability to customize distribution of your resume and lack of privacy, you may lose more opportunities then you gain.