Putting Less in Your Resume Versus More

general resume 2

When you show up to your interview with a short and concise resume you will have an advantage over the person who hands the interviewer a long rambling life story. Put yourself in the shoes of employers who interview for a living. Depending upon the size of the company, employers may receive hundreds of resumes a day. Employers are prioritizing resumes based on the relevance and readability of information. If the potential employer has to turn the page to read about your education and then turn back to read about your work experience, then you will more than likely get overlooked.

And that is what a resume is all about. It is used to get you an interview, not a job. Think of it this way. When a speaker is going to give a speech, the person introducing him or her speaks for only a fraction of time. The speaker is the one you came to hear not the person introducing the speaker.

The way your resume should read is like an announcement and should entice the employer to give you the interview. So you need to use active writing verses passive writing in your resume. Be short and to the point and focus on eliminating redundant information. Remember, employers want to read fresh, unique information about you.

The first communication you have with the hiring manager is your resume. When you express yourself with tight concise language you will impress her or him as a person of action. This will definitely position you to win interviews and great job offers.