Should I Use Free Resume Templates?

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Many people that are looking for a new career have wondered should I use free resume templates to create an attention-getting resume. If you are looking for a free resume template, you will not have a problem finding one on the internet. However, whether you should use one or not is a different issue.

If you are contemplating downloading a template, filling it out and handing in to an employer, then the answer is absolutely not. Employers can receive thousands of resumes for just one position. Why would you want your resume to look like everyone else’s? Employers can tell when a template is used and they are not very impressive.

However if you manage to get a resume that was created from a template in front of a Human Resources manager, you will be lucky. Because due to the sheer volume of resumes that can be submitted and the downsizing of many corporations, resumes are being scanned and digitally stored. Free resume templates will use a formatting that will often not scan very well. Also, the templates may not use a font that is usually accepted.

This does not mean that free resume templates are not useful. Many companies are restructuring and even moving to different countries, this is pushing a lot of people into different career paths. Some people never had to put a resume together before and it may be a little daunting to know what information is relevant and attention-getting. Using one of these templates will give you a better idea of how you should lay out your information and what personal data to use.

You can always have your resume professionally written. There are many freelance writers that are very capable of creating a professional resume for you. However, you can cut down a lot of time and confusion by using a resume template to know what information to give the writer. It is the writer’s job to punch up your information to make it more appealing. Do not lie on your resume. That is a cardinal rule. But it does not mean that you cannot use strong verbiage to enhance your career highlights and positive attributes.

Unless you are applying for an artistic position, you should keep your resume clean and professional. Save all of your creativity for descriptive language. Some people have advised to use irregular sized or colored paper to stand out in a stack of resumes. This is not always the best idea, especially if the resumes will be scan. If it is too hard to scan, it may be cast aside.

Make sure to use terms that are unique to your profession and make sure that you use those terms appropriately. Nothing will get your resume cast aside like using the terminology in your profession incorrectly.

Many people will keep several versions of their resume handy for the different scenarios that they can face during their job hunt. You may actually need your resume when you interview with a person. Have a resume handy in a high resolution format if you should be asked to fax it. And have a resume handy that you can send via email. Follow these tips and you should have success.