Steps to Getting a Six-Figure Job


Most industry giants and some of the CEO/Presidents of our country’s largest firms all have different advice when it comes to how to shoot to the top of the food chain or make a six figure salary in business. However, reviewing the history of some of our nation’s most prominent businessmen and women seems to reveal the same few traits over and over. Some of these methods are new, some are time honored and tested, and lastly some are just plain common sense. In addition to the traits and methods listed below, they all seem to have one thing in common. Self confidence or highly valued self worth was found in each individual that believed they could do more than the traditional paycheck and 9 to 5 routine. This is something that many psychologists will say that is developed and nurtured from a young age and is inherently a strong foundation to success.

The No Fear slogan is true. You must be able to take chances and allow the universe to take hold of some of your ideas and actions. If you have a white knuckled death grip on your life it will never have the opportunity to expand. You will fail many times possibly before you realize success just as Einstein and Edison did.

Be realistic in your education and degree choice. If you have chosen that you would like to make a commitment to receiving a high salary, then obtaining a degree in Liberal Arts, History, Art, or any related field is not suggested. Be specific with your degree discipline and supplement with all of the additional training and certifications that you can find. That is what will allow you to stand apart from the rest. Participate in at least one additional training or certification class each year.

Network, network, network! Many times the old saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know that counts” is actually true. Being promoted and exposed to new opportunities can only happen if you are out there utilizing all the networking tools and options available to you. Attend every Chamber and local business chapter meeting that you can find. In fact, volunteer and offer to serve as a board member or leader.

Internships and mentoring programs are as valuable as a degree. Can you imagine shadowing Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, or Oprah Winfrey? Some of the most prominent and successful business men and women in the country offer mentoring and internship programs that not only provide invaluable real world experience that no class room can offer, but also stands out like a big gold star on a resume. Obviously these opportunities are only available in large cities for the most part, so if you live in a town with the population of one of Martha Stewart’s chicken houses, then it is time for a move.

Become an outstanding sales person. Even if your field is light years away, techniques used in the sales profession are vital to your success. Negotiation being the biggest.