Survival Tactics for Job Seekers in a Down Market

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Take heart and do not be discouraged when you see the news reporting daily about the gloom and doom of the latest unemployment numbers. The country is still fully functioning and a hotbed of opportunities are still available. Stores are open, the stock market is on the rise, and every child still wants that high ticket electronics item for Christmas. All of these products and services are being delivered by someone. The question is how does one find out about the many openings available without looking in the newspaper or pounding the pavement? It may not be easy or handed to you on a silver platter, but they are out there. The following are a few survival tactics that may assist job seekers to leap a few feet ahead of the other applicants in line.

Be positive and enthusiastic. Supervisors are less likely to want to work with the Henny Penny of the group that is constantly running around yelling, “The sky is falling!” All places of business encounter challenges and rough patches. It is during these times that you can impress your boss by being the only one that is extremely positive about the situation, identifying the challenge, and finally offering solutions.

Then of course there are the obvious places like the local Chamber of Commerce and any other local business or professional chapters in your area. For example, in the field of Human Resources, there are meetings usually every 2nd Tuesday of each month sponsored by the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) in most cities all over the country. At each of the meetings, all of the Human Resources professionals attending will be offered an opportunity to make any announcements that they may have.

This is a gold mine for someone looking for employment. While the meetings are truly intended for HR professionals only, even if you are not in the field of Human Resources, you can still attend as a “business partner” for a small fee which normally includes lunch. For that small fee, you have the floor and are able to give a very brief summary of what you are looking for to EVERY HR PERSON in your area. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone…it is like hitting a hundred of them at the same time.

Check your local Employment Center or Job Corp. usually funded by state and federal grants. Some companies will use their local employment centers to receive government incentives by employing people from at-risk or under-advantaged categories.

Have your resume professionally done or at least have two other people read and edit your document.

Research industries of interest in your area and schedule informational interviews with professionals in the field you are interested in.