The 20-second Resume Scan

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For all job seekers their resume is the exhibition of their experience and skill sets. Especially in some fields like software engineering, the resume plays an important role in defining the job prospects of the candidate. The 20-second resume scan of a candidate done by employer often decides the fate of the candidate. Due to this reason, it is very important that the candidate gets his / her resume ready to grab employer’s attention.

The 20-second resume scan can give insight to your overall performance, thus it is very important that the candidate should enhance his / her resume based on some factors.


The design of your resume is highly important. For example, it is a better practice to put your experience summary first and then your education and qualifications. Employers who seek candidates with specific expertise will usually place more importance on your experience versus your education initially. Next, try to keep your fonts as standard and simple without decorating it like a Christmas tree. Times Roman or Ariel are good fonts to use in your resume. Use bold letters only where necessary and do not let your resume be flooded with all bold fonts. Give correct information about your contact details such as your phone number, address and email address at the top of your resume.

Your Skills & Experience

Once you have a good layout of your resume, then next you should review and modify your experience summary to be more results-driven advertising your value to employers. Do not send generic copies of your resume to every employer, but try to send them specific details with respect to the requirement. Match your skills and experience with the needs of the employer, and you will get noticed.


Although experience and skills are necessary, the objective described in your resume should show your attitude towards your career and what you want to target. Here, focus on using statements that explain your overall skills and linking them to value. For example, saying something like “Successful leading teams to aggressively achieve corporate goals.”

Reasons for job change

There are few people that make mistakes explaining why they change jobs in their resume. Do not let potential employers know about the reason you change jobs unless you are asked and if they do ask, then make sure that you have a honest and satisfactory answer for your job change.


The 20-second resume scan is not only a glance at your resume but it plays a crucial role in getting a job. Your resume is the key to getting interview calls and a good resume can help eliminate your flaws in your skills. So get prepared for the 20-second resume scan and increase your chances of getting a good job.