The Pros and Cons of Audio and Video Resumes

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With technology becoming advanced, more and more people are looking for faster ways to make their mark on potential employers, so I would like to take you through the pros and cons of video and audio resumes.

Audio and video resumes are great for those who want to put their face and voice to a resume and let employers get to know them personally. For example, the employer will be able to get a feel for the person’s personality and whether they will fit in with the organization. Here, job seekers can express many valuable positive traits that include charisma, humor, and friendliness, but on the flip side, these types of resumes can also communicate if you are excessively nervous or have compulsive type behaviors.

It is also easier to deliver a more personalize message and get away with grammar / spelling using video and audio resumes versus paper resumes. However, there are clear disadvantages to using these types of resumes.

First, you need to be concern with being discriminated against whether done purposely or subconsciously when using a video or audio resume. You also find that some employers like to skip to certain parts of a resume so that they can shortlist the applicants, this can be difficult to do if there are many videos as you cannot pre-empt the layout. This means that the video applicants could be thrown aside and those sending paper resume will be more likely to get seen first.

When you send an audio resume, you should assess your telephone manner to ensure you articulate your value and confidence in what you can deliver to employers. You may also find that some of your recording whether audio or visual could be misconstrued and if of poor quality, it may be hard to understand. This could result in you getting eliminated.

This kind of resume is effective in some sectors of work, however would not work in others, for this reason you should think about the job you are applying for and whether you feel a video resume would be appropriate. The same can be said for an audio resume. If you do decide to try either, you need to make sure you speak clearly and that you are dressed appropriately and that anything you say on the video is relevant to the post you are applying for as you do not want the people who wish to watch the video becoming bored. Captivate their attention and stand out from the other applicants.

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