Tips for Writing Career Changing Resumes

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Not all resumes are created equal, and not all resumes will be written for the same purpose. For some, their career will never change throughout their working life. But most of us are not so lucky. Many of us will find ourselves out of work and faced with a job market that will not offer anything that directly relates to our past experience. Writing career changing resumes contain many of the same elements as any resume, but some things are different.

A resume is a marketing tool. If you are introducing a new product to the marketplace, you will work hard to put together marketing materials that will bring the best results. That is exactly what a resume is, but in the job market you are the product you are trying to sell. This can be very difficult if you are changing careers.

Achievements are what should be most clear on your resume, especially when writing career changing resumes. Achievements are not always seen as career specific to an employer. The fact that you had the initiative to get a job done is what is most important to them. Most employers are savvy enough to know and see how job skills are transferable. Just because you worked in another field or industry does not mean that your skills are less valuable.

There is no need to share all information about your past employment with a potential employer, especially if you are changing careers. If you are called in for an interview, that will be the time for you do go in depth about what you did in past jobs. Too much information can be much worse for you as compared to too little information. Leave the employer with some questions to ask.

You’re most important accomplishment should always go first on a resume. This is the same with all resumes, not just career changing resumes. You want the employer to keep reading all the way to the end of your resume. In the market today that will be an accomplishment in itself, because many resumes will never be reviewed.

If you are a valuable employee, the employer needs to be able to see that. Your past industry or career definitely will be second to your value. Special experience is often transferable into other fields and careers. Highlight everything that will let an employer know that your value is higher than anyone else who might apply.

Your style of resume writing is important. Do not go into too much detail about the responsibilities you had in the past, because some of those responsibilities could be specific to another industry. If they are responsibilities that can clearly be seen as transferable, by all means include them. But remember, do not give everything away. Save the best details for the interview.