Traditional Job Search Tools

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The use of traditional job search tools are just as relevant today as they were back then despite the success of the internet. For example, newspaper ads, publications, and job recruiters can be just as effective versus finding employment online.

Searching for jobs using newspaper advertisements and classifieds can be highly time consuming and a laborious task. However, today, you can easily review online newspapers and classified ads with ability to search and save jobs you are targeting. For instance, you can search jobs based on geographic area, career type, and industry. You can review employment ads at,

You can also search industry publications, job directories, and online company databases to identify potential employment opportunities. Another benefit is you are able to research career information, salaries, and markets for jobs(s) you are targeting.

The use of recruiters can also be employed as part of a traditional job search strategy. Here, you can leverage recruiters to broaden how you search for jobs. Of course, you should not use this as your only method for finding a position. Why. Because jobs advertised by recruiters are usually very specific to an industry with exact requirements. You can reach many recruiters via the web or an online resume distribution service. To access a directory of online recruiters, go to

Finally, directly contacting potential employers can be highly beneficial, especially if you are searching in a smaller job market or local community. However, before using this strategy, you should determine who will be getting your resume and if it will it get to the right person.