Using Action Verbs on Your Resume

action words

The resume is a marketing document that promotes your relevant talents, skills, experiences, and contributions you have made at your current and past employers. It gives an outline of who you are as a professional and what value you can offer to the company. Your goal is to provide a content rich resume that will make you stand out among other applicants and secure a job interview and eventually win you that desired position.

You can ensure your resume will captivate the attention of potential employers by writing striking sentences using action verbs that efficiently describe your talents and achievements. You can have the employer’s attention by beginning your bullets with action verbs. It is a verb which ends in “ed” and descriptively corresponds to your accomplishment. Here are some of the samples of descriptive action verbs that definitely add character to your resume:

Achieved / Delivered / Designed / Lowered / Reviewed

Make your bulleted achievements and skills brief but interesting. You may also include descriptive adjectives and adverbs like patiently, creatively, concisely, etc to draw the interest of the reader on how well you did the responsibility and bring the account into life. Writing your success stories on your resume is best realized through brief bulleted lists starting with action verbs that highlight convincing and pertinent points. When expanding your horizon on your bulleted list of achievement using the action verbs, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problems have I unraveled?
  • What feat did I take?
  • What was the outcome of the action that I took?

Your answers to these three questions will provide evidence to a job interviewer that you have effectively solved a problem or able to overcome the challenges to achieve your goal. The more particular you describe your abilities and strengths, the stronger the impression you will leave on your potential employer.

Every phrase or statement on your resume should be convincing potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job. Always use action verbs to add strength and positive spin to your job responsibilities and qualifications. Now that you realize the importance of descriptive action verbs and how you are going to use them on your resume to create an appealing and attention-grabbing marketing document, you are now on your way to job hunting success.