5 Interview Myths

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Many hiring managers and Human Resources professionals can tell horror stories about inappropriate behavior and actions that they have seen during interviews in their career. Incidents range from someone speaking too casually during the interview to huge deal breakers like someone showing up with their bedroom slippers on and accompanied by at least 7 of their family members. While most of us are aware of appropriate interview etiquette, there are a few myths that many job seekers overlook.

  • Being very aggressive shows initiative. Unless you are applying for a sales position, being overly aggressive during the interview process can only hurt your chances of being the candidate that lands the job. Calling every day for the position status, bypassing the chain of command, or doing outrageous things like sending a singing telegram only shows the company that you cannot follow directions and will aggravate the hiring manager and your potential co-workers as well.
  • Your extensive education and experience ensures you the golden ticket. In a recent national Human Resources survey, 62% of hiring managers reported that up to half of their decision to hire someone was based on factors other than experience and education. Factors like personality and how well a candidate would “fit in” with the corporate culture were big considerations. So being arrogant or overly confident regarding your qualifications can hurt your chances of being appointed the position.
  • Being overly dramatic will help you stand out. Showing enthusiasm regarding the opportunity to serve a potential employer can be helpful except when enthusiasm turns into theatrics. Telling the employer that you will lose your house if you do not get the position or saying things like, “This is my dream job” may not bring the result you think it will. Seeming desperate or saying “over the top” type of comments generally scare the employer into believing that having you as an employee would bring too much drama and therefore will not offer the job.
  • You should dress provocatively to showcase your attributes. You are going on an interview-not a date. While it is important to showcase all of your assets, do not dress provocatively or too casual in an attempt to gain employment through your appearance. Professional and conservative attire is always the best for an interview. In addition, never wear perfume/cologne or heavy make-up.
  • You should always ask about salary, vacation, and insurance. The interview is truly just an initial meeting to ask some specific questions regarding your skill set and also to get a feel for your personality and how you will blend with the current staff and culture of the organization. They already have your experience on your resume and application. Unless the employer brings these topics up first, you should wait until you are offered the position to address most of these issues. If you feel that you must know about these topics before you leave the interview, then wait until the very end when the employer should ask if you have any questions. Click here to see more interview strategies.