5 Myths on Working From Home

work from home 1

Telecommuting or Working From Home is the stuff that daydreams are made of for many working professionals. From mothers who can’t stand to leave little junior at daycare to the overweight man that absolutely hates wearing a suit, nothing could be more perfect than being your own boss and working from home, right?

Well, many professionals will tell you that once they delved into the world of telecommuting or working from home, it was very little of what they imagined it would be. The dream of sitting in their office making huge deals and possibly taking over the world, became hours and hours of scrounging for work at the lowest possible price so that they could compete with professionals that have the advantage of being on site. While there are many people who are thriving working from home, there are a few myths that must be exposed and understood so that you can become one of the success stories.

Myth #1 – I will get up every day and go to work as if I had a regular job. Perhaps the first few weeks will be spent with the intention of arriving at your home office exactly at 8:00am, but then eventually 8:00am becomes 9:00am, then 10:00am and so on. It takes an extreme amount of discipline to make yourself work from home when you are not being held accountable to anyone but yourself.

Myth #2 – I will stay focused on my work and not allow daily distractions to keep me away from getting things accomplished. When the phone rings and your best friend calls to chat or your brother calls to talk about the box seats he got for the game, you will more likely become distracted. The fact that you even had the concept to work from home means that you are a self starter and a proactive person. Therefore the pile of laundry that is staring you in the face will grate on your nerves until it gets cleaned, organized, or done.

Myth #3 – I will make the same amount of money as if I work on site somewhere else. While you may, after a time, build up enough business or clients to come anywhere close to your original on site salary, you are forgetting about extra benefits that factor into your salary like bonuses, health, dental, and life insurance as well as any matching contributions from a 401k. Also, when you flip backwards out of your chair one day, you will not have anywhere to file your worker’s compensation form or your short term disability paperwork.

Myth #4 – I will be dressed professionally at all times to motivate myself. After the first week, many at-home workers will more than likely work with their PJs or t-shirt and sweat pants on, because that is one of the advantages of working from home.

Myth #5 – I will find work from home very easily and right away. It will take if not days, but months of research and groundwork to establish yourself, research opportunities, and then finally be awarded projects / business.