Using Resume Examples – For and Against

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It does not matter if you are a graduate fresh from college, a mom wanting to return to the workforce or a successful business person wanting to make a career change, you are going to need a good resume. For many people, their first step in creating a resume is to find an example that they can follow. You may get that example from a friend, college class or an internet site. Let’s talk about Use of Resume Examples – For & Against.

It is easier to get your thoughts together with an outline. You can use the resume example as an outline and just exchange your information for the information in the resume. In addition, the resume example may bring to mind some experience or vital information you may not have thought of. Resume examples give the correct verbiage that many people in the business world are looking for in a resume. They remind the users to use action words and to give examples of duties performed rather than just job titles.

Most resume examples are put together to look good. They are spaced correctly so that information is readable and easily accessible. They help to draw attention to skills, experience, and achievements that attract employers. Resume examples can be found that are specific to almost any career that you are pursuing. If an expected form exists for a certain career, then the resume examples normally follow that form. Now, let us look at some of the arguments against a resume example.

Resume examples can cause you to look like just another person in the line for a job. If you are too standardized, then why should the potential employer choose you over anyone else? Resume examples may cause you to leave out some critical information that your potential employer needs to know about you. If you have years of volunteer experience, but the resume example you are using has none, then where do you insert your volunteer experience.

Resume examples leave little room to express your own creativity. While there may be a certain style that is expected in a resume, you should be able to present your information that reflects your own sense of style and personality. Do not get so caught up in the form that your resume becomes sterilized and does not present the real you.

The job market is tough today, so you will want to do everything you can to make the best first impression on any potential employer. In order to make that best impression, you will want to weigh the pros and cons of resume examples. You may wish to look at several of the examples before beginning your own resume, but instead of sticking exactly to the example, gather important terms and style and then put together a resume that will stand out in the crowd. Let that potential employer know that you are the person for whom they are looking for.